#Never Stop Playing Sports Nominated for the Laureus Sporting Moment Award of the 2021 Laureus World Sports Awards

The movement #Never Stop Playing Sports has been nominated for the Laureus Sporting Moment Award of the Laureus World Sports Awards, which is awarded to the most moving and inspiring moments in sports. The movement is promoted by General Incorporated Organisation Never Stop Playing Sports, which is based in Shinjuku, Tokyo with its Representative Director Takeshi Nozawa.

The Laureus World Sports Awards is an annual award ceremony that recognises individuals and groups that had tremendous impact and success in the sporting world. The awarding body Laureus, which was established in 2000 and is based in London, has been actively contributing to the advancement of positive changes in society through sports in over 40 countries around the globe.

The Laureus Sporting Moment Award, for which the #Never Stop Playing Sports movement has been nominated, recognises moments that epitomise the power of sport and its ability to bring people together and impact the world, using new and unique methods.

This year, other Japanese nominees include Naomi Osaka for the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year and Kento Momota for the Laureus World Comeback of the Year.

The Laureus Sporting Moment Award is the only award in the Laureus World Sports Awards decided by the general public’s votes. Voting starts today, the 16th of April, and the final award will be presented in May.

You can vote from the following link: https://www.laureus.com/ja/sporting-momentshttps://www.laureus.com/ja/sporting-moments

Never Stop Playing Sports thanks all members and supporters for creating this opportunity for our movement to reach the public. Never Stop Playing Sports promises to continue further and expand our activity to support student athletes.

Representative Director :Takeshi Nozawa

We are honoured to be nominated for the Laureus World Sports Awards. I am humbled and yet excited at the same time to see the names of the other prominent nominees.

#Never Stop Playing Sports has been seeking ways to help student athletes during the time of pandemic.

People from a wide array of sports backgrounds have come together, united by this common goal.

We thank you very much for all your support!

Representative Director Takeshi Nozawa

Co-Representative Director Toshiaki Hirose

Co-Representative Director Kota Mogami

■About Laureus

Laureus is an international organisation advocating social progress through sports, aiming to “Stand up to the problems in society with the power of sport, and spread the power of sport throughout the world”.

Its motto is inspired by Former South African President Nelson Mandela, a patron of the organisation since its foundation.

The speech he made in the first edition of the awards describes the organisation’s belief best: “Sport has the power to change the world”. The organisation’s mission is to tackle social issues, such as prejudice, discrimination, and violence, by using the power of sport and promoting sports’ joy through such activities.

The organisation supports over 200 projects in over 40 countries and regions around the world, with the help from Laureus Ambassadors, which the world’s top athletes and legendary athletes are members,

and Laureus Academy Members Japanese Ambassadors include Shinji Kagawa (Football Player), Ai Sugiyama (Former Tennis Player), Kohei Uchimura (Olympic Gymnastics Champion), Yuko Arimori (Olympic Marathon Medalist) and Dai Tamesue (Former World Championships Sprinter). 。

■Laureus World Sports Awards Homepage https://www.laureus.com/