#Never Stop Playing Sports Nominated
for the Laureus Sporting Moment Award of the 2021

Voting for the “Laureus Awards” has ended !!
Thank you to everyone who cooperated in voting and Tweet our project.
Once again, We realized that we are supported by many people. Thank you for your continued support !!
We will report the results after the announcement on May 6th.

Happy International Women’s Day (From 1252 leader Hanae Ito)

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1252 Project was featured in the web magazine “ mi-mollet”

Hanae Itoh’s “Let’s Talk About Period” was featured in the web magazine “mi-mollet”. https://mi-mollet.comarticles/-/29061
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1252 Project was published in “Sports Navi”

An article about the 1252 Project was published on Sports Navi on April 26th 2021.
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1252 Project was introduced in “The Hokkaido Shimbun”

An article about the 1252 project was published in The Hokkaido Shimbun (morning edition and electronic edition) between April 15-16th 2021.
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1252 Project was introduced in “The Asahi Shimbun Digital”

An article about the 1252 Project was published in The Asahi Shimbun Digital on March 2nd 2021.
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We Are Partnering with the University of Tokyo Hospital.

1252 Project will partner with Dr. Sayaka Nose, an outpatient doctor for female athletes in the Department of Women’s Health and Obstetrics at the University of Tokyo Hospital. Through working with leading experts in the field of female athlete research, ...
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1252 Project STARTS!

As of March 3rd 2021, 1252 Project, a new educational program led by an ex-Olympian swimmer Hanae Ito (a board member of our organization), has officially begun!
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Former South African Rugby National Team Member Bryan Habana and Co-Representative Director Hirose hold online event

The movement #Never Stop Playing Sports promoted by NPO Never Stop Playing Sports (Based in Shinjuku, Tokyo with Representative Director Takeshi Nozawa) is being nominated for the Laureus World Sports Awards, specifically the Laureus Sporting Moment Award, which is awarded ...
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#Never Stop Playing Sports Nominated for the Laureus Sporting Moment Award of the 2021 Laureus World Sports Awards

The movement #Never Stop Playing Sports has been nominated for the Laureus Sporting Moment Award of the Laureus World Sports Awards, which is awarded to the most moving and inspiring moments in sports. The movement is promoted by General Incorporated ...
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1 Development of a system where athletes can safely demonstrate their performance

We created a safe online platform to connect students and universities/teams, which can only be viewed by registered users. For young athletes, showcasing themselves through uploading videos not only helps them understand their own strengths and weaknesses but also leads them to refine their aspirations and future goals. This is a practical system and a wonderful education for their career. We will prepare an environment where all athletes can keep playing sports and advance to the next stage, no matter what team they belong to or where they play.

2 “Treasures of Youth”

Some athletes retired without being able to play in their “last match” because of the pandemic. For them, we send a gift of “unforgettable match ” with professional commentary by famous players. We would love them to watch these matches at their 30 year reunion. It is our hope that through this project, athletes and their parents will be encouraged to keep supporting their sport for a long time.

3 Educational program by top athletes to train the youth to navigate the modern world.

In order for young athletes to produce themselves, correct and updated knowledge is essential. For example, SNS literacy was not necessary a few years ago but essential today. Instead of teaching them “not to drive a car because it is too dangerous,” we must train them to use necessary tools by candidly teaching them its returns and risks. We support such educational projects concerning SNS, finance, diversity, etc. to empower them to thrive in the modern world.

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What is #Never Stop Playing Sports?


What is #Never Stop Playing Sports?

The original movement “#Never Stop Playing Rugby” was founded by NOZAWA Takeshi and HIROSE Toshiro, former members of Japan National Rugby Team. When many matches and tournaments became canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, high school players lost their chances to showcase their performance for future recruitment. The movement aimed to provide alternative opportunities for students despite the absence of tournaments.

Several high school students began updating videos of their performance on Twitter with a hashtag of the movement name. They were retweeted by famous players, rugby fans, as well as other stakeholders, in order to facilitate their university application. The movement, supported by the media, quickly went viral, and as a result, several players were accepted to play for universities or a top league.

The initiative that began with two sports, rugby and basketball, was soon adopted by other sports, such as handball and judo, and became a more universal “Never Stop Playing Sports” movement.

The company “Never Stop Playing Sports” was established to promote and develop the movement more permanently.

The movement led by Kana Oyama, a former Japanese national team player, and Saegusa, a professional volleyball instructor. Many players post their play and comment on each other, and it is spreading with a fun atmosphere.

Posts of play appeal movie became popular mainly among high school students, and spread to university students and top leaguers.
With the RTs and comments of many famous players, it has become noticeable to university and top league recruiters, and there are cases where it leads to career decisions.

There are calls and coverage from the media such as “Soccer King” and “Super Soccer”.
Each J-Reague club is independently working on various support for student-athletes, and further expansion is expected in the future.

Mr. Takahashi, a sports trainer in Shikoku area, started as the founder.
There are many play appeal movie posts by club teams and junior high school students, and it is showing excitement.
Former Yakult Swallows director Atsuya Furuta also supported, and he also joined on stage at the 2020 Online Talk Event.

This movement started by Yoshida ,Teacher at Kandai-Hokuyo High School, are gradually expanding. They held a tryout in a real place in August 2020. They hope that they will get along well with Corona and spread the tryouts nationwide.

Miyata, a B-League player, is energetically promoting this movement, and the basketball king magazine is also linked.
There are many play appeal movie posts by university students, and it is continuously exciting due to the basketball king interview series.

This has begun with Chiba, the Japanese national team player, playing a central role, and the play appeal videos by the national team players are being developed for student athletes.

Yumiko Ishihara plays a central role in promoting this movement.
They provide the opportunity to be seen through Instagram for cheer athletes who have lost the opportunity.

It is expanding along with crowdfunding for holding an alternative competition for ”Inter-High”.
The number of supporters is steadily expanding, such as achieving the planned amount for the first round.

Ryunosuke Haga, a bronze medalist at the Rio Olympics, is the main player, and famous judo players such as Shohei Ono and Kosei Inoue are participating in this movement.

They use Instagram and twitter to convey their unique practice methods and techniques.
As a result, many posts have been collected from young judo players. It has been spread all over the world, including the participation of strong overseas athletes and the coverage of the Olympic Channel.

This activity was started by Katsuhito Omi, the captain of the Japanese national team ( IBM Big Blue).
In the future, they aim to involve many players and related parties and create a big movement in the American football field in Japan.




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